Prime Masa Nixtamal

Prime Masa Nixtamal - waste water free production of tortilla and chips flour.

- Waste water free production
- Higher yield with less total energy and less steam
- Flexible and reliable process
- Characteristics are identical to traditional Nixtamal flour
- Low maintenance demand

Prime Masa Nixtamal

90% less water, no investment in wastewater treatment, higher yield, lower maintenance and a high degree of automation: the new Bühler process for manufacturing Nixtamal corn flour for tortillas and tortilla chips meets the highest expectations.

Bühler’s pioneering process for the Nixtamal (Masa) flour Industry combines the benefits of the traditional Nixtamal process with latest food processing technology. Using the latest in steam technology instead of cooking water, it enables to produce Nixtamal flour of best quality, while eliminating any waste water during the production.

With the proven and reliable technology of Bühler it is possible to produce Nixtamal corn flour with a higher yield while retaining the flavor, texture and mouth feel of Nixtamal flour in the traditional way. Bühler has developed two plant modules to serve your needs – 110 tons per day and 220 tons per day*.

*Capacity mentioned is on maize (corn) input basis.

Video: Prime Masa Nixtamal Process:

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