SORTEX PolarVision™

Unprecedented foreign material detection.

Introducing SORTEX PolarVision™ - the specialist detection system from Bühler combining two pioneering proprietary technologies for unprecedented foreign material detection.

Equipped with state-of-the-art PolarCam™ technology to target the spectral and spatial differences between good product and foreign materials and high definition InGaAsHD cameras to detect foreign materials in the near-invisible infrared spectrum.

Combine this with all-new Ejector+ technology, Bühler’s most powerful ejectors, which remove heavier foreign materials with pinpoint precision for your safest and cleanest produce yet.

SORTEX PolarCam™
A new era for foreign material detection

  • Part of a new family of foreign material detection solutions and the latest technological breakthrough in Bühler’s optical sorting portfolio, SORTEX PolarCam™ enhances the detection of challenging foreign materials such as snails, glass, wood and plastics.
  • Targeting the spectral and spatial characteristics between fruit and vegetable produce and hazardous foreign materials for a higher removal efficiency than ever before.

Next generation near-invisible infrared sorting

  • High definition infrared detection technology, optimised for enhanced plastic detection, now comes with double the resolution to detect foreign materials down to half the size.
  • With twice as many pixels, new InGaAsHD camera technology enables processors to remove same-colour foreign materials such as dry wood from potatoes and red plastics from raspberries for their cleanest and safest produce yet.
  • InGaAsHD detects hazardous foreign materials that cannot be seen in the visible spectrum offering processors an added layer of assurance for increased product quality and safety.

Ejector+ technology
Bühler’s most powerful ejectors

  • The industry’s most advanced foreign material detection system is combined with Bühler’s most powerful ejectors – Ejector+ technology.
  • Equipped with 256 new powerful ejectors with 25% more force for heavier product rejection.
  • Anything from fine wood shavings and light extraneous vegetable matter to heavier objects such as sticks, stones and glass are removed with force whilst ensuring valuable and fragile produce is protected.

Turn to the first choice supplying of sophisticated optical sorting solutions, to safeguard your valuable produce today.

SORTEX PolarVision video

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