Wheat flour

Raw material handling


Customized handling systems

Taking your raw materials from different kinds of intake systems and storage hoppers, our screw conveyor solutions are designed around your process. They hygienically transfer your raw materials to the differential dosing scale and then smoothly feed into your production line.


Continous dough mixing


High-quality dough

After liquid mixing and dosing tanks, 15 minutes in our high-speed flour and water mixer ensures the perfect consistency. Our continuous double-shaft dough mixer then creates the high-quality dough you need for your noodle production.


Dough aging


Aging and ripening

After mixing, our dough-ripening conveyor creates the perfect conditions to allow your dough to age. Around 15 minutes is usually enough time for the flour to absorb the liquid completely. This also helps the gluten network in your dough to properly develop.


Compound rolling


Creating your dough sheets

Two pairs of rollers in our compound rolling unit make your pieces of dough into two sheets of the same consistency. This is then combined into one dough sheet by the third pair of rollers, giving you the perfect base for your noodles.


Continuous rolling and slicing


Rolling, slicing and waving

The seven pairs of rollers in our continuous rolling unit ensure that your dough sheet is just the right thickness. The slitter and waving device then creates waved noodles, ready for steam treatment.


Steam treatment


The secret to the best noodles

Accurate steam treatment is the essential ingredient in quality noodle production. Our steaming unit provides gentle steam treatment to achieve the precise degree of gelatinization you need, in a hygienic, energy efficient process.


Cutting, folding/dropping, dividing


Versatile cutting and forming

Your cooked noodles can now be cut into specific weight parcels and then folded into squares or dropped into round and cup-shaped forms – with or without dividing. Shaped noodles are transferred into the frying mold of your fryer.




More healthy noodles

Our pre-drying and drying units use high-temperature air to take out the remaining moisture in your shaped noodles to ensure that your end product has the final form, texture and long shelf life you need in a healthier way.




Ready for packaging

Your dried noodles are now safely cooled by air in our cooling unit, before being transferred to your packaging lines.


Air dried noodles