Focused on food safety

You need to be 100% certain of your ingredients. Our flour intake systems can include a coarse screen, a pressure pipe screen and an inline control sieve to remove coarse particles and foreign objects. Silo discharge systems feature the first-in-first-out principle (FIFO) for highest food safety

Weighing and dosing


The precision you need

Precision is essential for recipe control. Our weighing and dosing systems provide precise weighing, individual dosing parameters and hygienic transport for each product. Compact designs offer you high capacity with stringent sanitation standards, customized to meet your needs.



Creating smooth batter

Mixing is a key process for baked goods. The right mixing solution produces homogenous batters in the shortest amount of time possible.More about mixing.



Turning batter into snacks

At the heart of this process lies an oven that turns raw materials into delicious wafer nachos or scoopies. The batter is deposited onto baking plates which close before traveling through the oven. After one turn, the baked sheets can be removed and processed further. More about baking.

Nachos and scoopies