Chocolate mass

Mould preparing


Empty mould detection and mould pre-heating

To achieve an optimal smooth gloss without marks from air inclusions, it is essential that your moulds are pre-heated. Our pre-heating tunnels provide a temperature range you can adjust to suit your product needs, and evenly applies it for homogenous heating of every mould.




Precise quantities

For your one-shot bars, it is essential that you start with precise quantities. Our depositing technology provides spot depositing with a wide range of different pistons and depositing moulds to cover the broadest range of product variety at a high output.




Removing unwanted air

Unwanted air can affect the ultimate look and mouthfeel. We use a vertical shaking process to degas and ensure even distribution of deaerated chocolate mass throughout your moulds.




Careful cooling

It is important to evenly cool your mass so that it retains uniform plasticity. Our in-line cooling takes your moulds through every position to ensure an even heat exchange. Airflow and temperature can be adjusted to meet specific recipe derivations.





To maximize yields and save production time, you need a clean demoulding process. Our twist station pre-loosens your solidified one-shot bars to ensure smooth demoulding.




Gentle removal

Now it is time to remove your product from the moulds. We turn over moulds and use a combination of gravity and pneumatically operated hammers to gently punch out your bars. You can adjust air pressures to suit the varying stickiness of different end products.


One-shot bars

  • Clear process visualization 
  • Intuitive graphical user interface 
  • Full traceability 
  • Complete plant control at every operating panel 
  • Simple connection to ERP systems 
  • Integration of recipe parameters 
  • 24/7 access to KPIs