Die casting


Our vision for die casting

To achieve a step-change in die casting and to work towards a better, more efficient and profitable future for the die-casting industry in the long-term, it is not enough to focus on single components, we have to tackle the system as a whole. We are taking the first steps towards our vision of the Digital Cell – aimed at delivering 0 % scrap, 40 % less cycle time and 24/7 uptime. 

We bring you the highest quality die-casting machines and peripheral devices in one integrated solution. Each system is tailored to the parts you produce, your processes and factory environment, ensuring you get the efficiency, quality, ease of operation and automation to suit your precise needs.

The first and most important step towards our vision is the introduction of our cell management system SmartCMS, to enable one point of access to view, control and operate the entire die-casting cell.