Surface finishing

In the state-of-the-art surface finishing shop, Bühler rely on a Power-and-Free system which controls the individual hangers and moves components selectively to the appropriate stations. Parts are automatically and efficiently pretreated in a consistently high quality before painting. In the process, rust, scale, and other contaminations are completely removed before surface finishing. The Oxsilan pretreatment technology spares the environment, and high-grade paint layer structures are cost-effectively applied. This structure ensures durable corrosion resistance. Bühler can powder-coat the components or paint them with two-component wet paint, fully in line with your needs and wishes.
  • Powder coating and wet painting
  • Powder coating of large products for satisfying stringent sanitation standards
  • Wet painting of parts of sizes up to 5x4x8 meters and a weight of up to 50 metric tons
  • Powder coating of parts of sizes up to 2x2x3 meters and a weight of up to 1 metric ton