Ejectors Maintenance and Refurbishment

Ejectors Maintenance and Refurbishment - Your benefits

- Maximized sorting efficiency
- Reduced total cost of ownership
- Continuous peak performance


Ejectors Maintenance and Refurbishment

Save up to 50% on the cost of new parts by taking advantage of the Bühler Ejectors Maintenance and Refurbishment Service.

Optimise the performance of your SORTEX machines - minimise your total cost of ownership.

Bühler recommends regular alignments and recalibrations of your sorting machines.

Our scope of service
Designed to offer maximum efficiency to customers throughout the life of their machine, our refurbishment technicians disassemble ejector blocks, clean and replace units. Bühler specialists then test each individual ejector before re-aligning and calibrating them to maximise their performance.

Our promise
You can expect to pay as little as half the cost of a new unit through this Bühler service. The lifespan of the ejector is doubled.

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