Plansifter Sirius MPAK

Plansifter Sirius MPAK – excellent sanitation and product safety combined with high sifting capacity.

- Top sanitation and product safety
- High capacity in a minimum space
- Flexibility thanks to modularity
- Minimum maintenance

Plansifter Sirius MPAK

Bühler's Sirius plansifter is extensively used to efficiently sift and sort products ranging from coarse to fine granulation size. Its field of application includes not only wheat, rye, corn, durum and oats but also barley and soy. Sirius can be easily integrated into many process. Top sanitation and product safety
  • Internal walls and doors are heavily insulated; preventing build-up of condensation
  • Parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel or polyurethane (PUR)
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • No screw fasteners
  • Thanks to the patented automatic reclamping system, the sieve stack remains permanently clamped
High capacity in a minimum space
  • High capacity, reduced space requirement
  • High dynamic acceleration improves sifting action
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Throughput up to 180 t/day
Flexibility thanks to modularity
  • Wide range of applications with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 compartments
  • Its modular design allows for capacity increases at later stages
  • Shipped in small modules of 90x90 cm
Minimum maintenance
  • Requirements for cleaning and servicing are reduced by up to 30%
  • Longer maintenance intervals thanks to the Poly-V drive belts