Auger Packer MWPU

Auger Packer MWPU – for optimal packing of bulky materials.

- Reduced packaging costs
- Extremely safe operation
- Simple installation

Auger Packer MWPU

With its auger packer MWPU, Bühler offers a packing module for non-free-flowing, bulky materials such as bran and lightweight feed meal. It is suitable for use with bag widths of at least 650 mm and bag lengths of 1000 to 1400 mm. The machine can be employed whether or not the material has been weighed previously.

Reduced packaging costs thanks to optimal compaction.
Bühler's auger packer MWPU allows bulky materials to be compacted for the ideal filling of space inside the container. The finely adjustable head pressure always guarantees the optimal level of compaction. This cuts down on the need for bagging materials, thus resulting in the long-term reduction of production costs.

High-performance bagging technology ensures safe operation.
Bühler's state-of-the-art module employs high-performance technology: Both the start and the completion of the filling process are carried out automatically. This ensures safe operation of the machine.

Telescopic pillar support for quick and easy installation.
The auger packer MWPU is mounted on a solid telescopic pillar support. Thanks to the low complexity of its design, the module is easy to install and can be integrated into packing plants in a relatively short time.