Optical monitoring systems

For high-quality coatings and short tact times

New technologies or end-user products will always lead to increasing demands and complexity of the layer stacks to be coated onto a large variety of substrate materials. By using an optical monitoring system, the deposited material thickness can be monitored in-situ, allowing to determine the exact cut-off condition of each individual coating layer. This in turn results in being able to produce coatings of highest precision and repeatability and also means that new layer designs can now meet spectral specifications within the first coating run.
Furthermore, real-time data allows the calculation of the material deposition rate which, in combination with a closed-loop system, leads to shortest possible tact times, without compromising the coating quality.

Optical monitoring for ophthalmic optics applications

Bühler Leybold Optics offers a broad portfolio of optical measuring devices which includes a white-light photometer (WLP). This is a proven tool used to measure the integral visible transmittance in-situ on the substrate to be coated via visible light transmission (VLT). It allows for continuous quality checking during the coating process and can halt the coating process once the optical threshold has been reached. This makes the LEYBOLD OPTICS WLP the ideal tool to achieve exact absorption values.
With the focus set on the visible wavelength, this device is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the ophthalmic markets. It can also represent a cost-attractive solution for specific applications in the precision optics markets.

Optical monitoring for optoelectronics and precision optics applications

The LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS 5100 is the premium benchmark setting device for in-situ optical monitoring. The system is equipped with a doublebeam photometer based on a monochromatic measurement of reflectance or transmission. Bühler Leybold Optics’ optical monitoring system is equipped with both single- and multi-wavelength capabilities, automatic pre-calculation and linear online trigger-point correction. Results from layer design programs can be transferred directly. LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS 5100 is customarily fully integrated into the machine’s control system so as to ensure fully automated operation and highly reproducible and stable coating results.

The LEYBOLD OPTICS BBM broadband monitoring system is an in-situ optical monitoring system used to control the layer thickness directly on the substrate. It is used for production and process development, as well as for quality management. During broadband monitoring, the individual layers of the process are terminated based on the measured spectral information. The actual spectral curve is then displayed on the monitor.
The system consists of a halogen light source, a compact multi-channel spectrometer with CCD array, and a PC-unit with the BBM software program onboard.


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