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The latest addition to our state-of-the-art grinding portfolio. Optimally equipped to efficiently grind high throughput of the same commodity, MRRK is stable and reliable, easy to operate and fast and simple to install.

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Key benefits

Fast and simple installation

Built to the same footprint as MDDK, installation is fast and simple, as one-to-one replacements are possible. Connecting the feed roller to the main roll means a drive and frequency converter is not needed. Less to install = more operation time.

Amplifying efficiency with seamless operation

A proven load cell sensor ensures stable product flow over the entire grinding surface. Operate from various devices is simple with the intuitive interface. Latest generation scrapers improve food safety and minimize operator interventions.

Built to last

Arrakis is capable of high vibration absorption with its robust cast frame with a load-carrying structure. A patented grinding gap adjustment ensures rigidity and stability over time. This robustness ensures reliability for long operating periods.

​​Highlight features​

​​Easy cleaning and maintenance​

​​For improved speed and cleanliness​

A quick release function allows fast opening of the feed module. The maintenance flap opens wide to rapidly empty product in the feed module. Automatic feed gate closure prevents product from trickling down between the rolls when the machine is idle. These design features save time by greatly simplifying and streamlining cleaning operations.

Scraping redefined

Latest generation scrapers

Arrakis comes with our latest generation scrapers, for impeccable scraping performance and clean rolls at all times. Synthetic scrapers eliminate deadspots and product accumulation, while self-adjusting knife scrapers maintain ideal positioning for uninterrupted operation.

With simplicity in mind

Seamless control at your fingertips

With its intuitive interface, Arrakis is fast and straightforward to operate. An optional touchscreen control unit provides an overview of key operating parameters on the machine, while secure remote access makes it possible to control production from mobile devices.

Perforated side panels make it possible to inspect Arrakis quickly and safely while the machine is running, with the nice added bonus of optimized airflow. Feeding unit safety grids protect operators from moving parts while providing optimal access for product sampling.

The foreign object protection prevents Arrakis's rollers from damage caused by foreign object intrusion.

Patented grinding gap adjustment ensures rigidity and stability over time to maximize grinding performance.


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