Constant fineness is a precondition for ensuring that chocolate will be a pleasure. The Bühler two-stage refining process has set new standards worldwide in terms of quality and efficiency. The flexible two-roll and five-roll refiners produce chocolate, filling, and coating masses in a wide variety of compositions and with uniform fineness.

PreFiner S™ two-roll chocolate prerefiner.
To satisfy customers’ specific quality needs, the PreFiner S™ chocolate prerefiners are always customized in terms of roller speeds, differentials, and roller crown. Mass fineness values between 70 and 250 microns can be achieved within a very narrow particle size range. The high shearing capacity of the PreFiner S™ is characterized by maximum release of bound fat. Beside calibration (especially of crystal sugar particles), this allows also flavor development, wetting, and homogenization of the product in the roller gap. The PreFiner S™ is optimally matched to the downstream final refiners in terms of product fineness and plasticity to ensure that they will achieve a maximum throughput with the desired end fineness.

Finer S™ five-roll chocolate refiner - Specified to customer needs.
Bühler has accumulated unique experience in the processing of products of a wide variety of compositions and consistencies. This allows each Finer S™ chocolate refiner to be specified to individual customer needs in terms of roller speeds, differentials, and roller crown. This ensures maximum throughputs while enabling the required product fineness to be achieved. Mass fineness values starting at 12 microns can be produced within a very narrow particle size distribution range. This is made possible by the stable intake roller gap, the high shear forces acting between the roller pairs, and the possibility of precise roller pressure setting.

In addition to size reduction, wetting and aroma development of the particles is crucial to the unique taste development of the products refined on the Finer S™ . Up to 80% of the energy introduced into the roller gap is applied for this purpose.


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