SORTEX E BioVision™

In this program we spoke to Charith Gunawardena and Faisal Baig about the launch of the new SORTEX E BioVision™ optical sorter for nut processors to find out more about the new revolutionary technology that is safeguarding food safety in nut processing.


Listen to the SORTEX optical sorting team discuss the re-launch of the SORTEX A and SORTEX B optical sorting portfolio, including responding to new industry challenges and subtle defects to maintain food safety and how the different technology variants of the portfolio can provide a bespoke customised solution for even the most difficult optical sorting applications

SORTEX S UltraVision - The Vision

In this program we spoke to Neil Dyer who is the Global Product Manager about the new product and the vision the company has for its introduction and why it such a step-change for the industry.

SORTEX S UltraVision - Listening to customer feedback

In this program we spoke to James Goldsmith, Software Team Leader and Ben Deefholts about the importance of customer feedback and how sophisticated technology has been blended with simplifying design and hence operational use and maintenance. 

SORTEX S UltraVision - Improving productivity and profitability for our customers

In this program we spoke to Gary Hubbard and Tony Hug about their work on lighting, camera and sorting algorithms and how that has improved productivity and hence profitability for customers. They were joined by Ben Deefholts.

SORTEX S UltraVision - Engineered for rice sorting

In this program we are joined by Stewart Mills and Ben Deefholts to talk about the machines mechanical platform and how it has been designed for long running operations with minimum operator interventions.


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