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Bühler provides optical sorting solutions for plastic processing and recycling industries, who demand the highest standards of purity and quality. The SORTEX range of optical sorters focuses on precision sorting, maximising capacity, purity and yield, and delivering a consistent performance. The SORTEX range meets individual requirements and is suitable for small, medium and large-scale processing. It is able to sort a variety of plastics; PET flakes, HDPE flakes, uPVC window regrind (off-cuts and post consumer), WEEE/ELV residue (wire recovery), PVB, PP, ABS, PS and plastic pellets, as well as colour grouping to further maximise product value.

Ongoing commitment and investment in R&D, ensures that Bühler’s range of optical sorters produce excellent results for industries such as packaging, construction, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), End-of-life vehicles (ELV) and petrochemical.

Increasing the quality of recycled and virgin plastics

  • A combination of advanced, custom-built technologies, ensures the selection of the highest quality plastics. These technologies include breakthrough SORTEX PolyVision™ technology for effortless polymer removal, patent pending unique lighting system, high resolution visible cameras, InGaAs (SWIR - Short-Wave Infra-Red) and PROfile (shape).
  • Bühler solutions maximise the value of your scrap plastics, by grouping mixed granules into their individual colours and by recovering valuable metals, separating wires from WEEE/ELV shred etc.
  • Industry leading efficiency in the removal of same-in-colour polymer contaminants, unwanted colours, metals including ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium as well as other challenging foreign material (FM), resulting in the lowest ppm contamination levels.

Delivering the highest capacity solutions and production volume

  • The SORTEX range has capacities of up to 6 t/h on PET flakes, 10 t/h on uPVC regrind and 12 t/h on plastic pellets - all from a single sorting unit.
  • Delivering the highest quality plastics, resulting in minimal extruder filter changes - reducing operating costs thus lowering cost of ownership

Maximising yield

  • The industry-leading optical and ejector technology, along with simultaneous resort capabilities, minimises the loss of good plastics.
  • - With dedicated and precise detection technologies for colour, polymer and foreign material removal, individual defect ejection is never compromised.

Consistent performance

  • The optional Climate Control System achieves maximum stability, by maintaining constant temperatures in crucial areas, across extreme ambient temperature ranges between 0˚C - 50˚C (32˚F - 122˚F).
  • Delivers consistent performance, using automatic calibration and wiping of the optical viewing area.

Multiple, configurative machine options

  • Bühler offers various machine configurations, to suit individual processing requirements ranging from 0.5 to 12.0 t/h.
  • With the most flexible and versatile optical sorting portfolio in the industry, Bühler can supply truly dedicated solutions that target all of your major recycling concerns: colour, polymers, metals and foreign material contaminants.
  • Combinations of advanced, custom-built technologies enable the sorting of many different types of plastics, including PET, HDPE, uPVC, WEEE/ELV and virgin pellet

About Bühler & NRT

Two brands, one solution.
Bühler Sortex and NRT have joined forces to provide one, complete optical sorting recycling solution from bottle to flake. Bringing together a comprehensive range of proven bottle and flake sorting machines that focus on high capacities and high recovery for maximum profitability.
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