Renewed strategic focus extends Bühler’s rice processing presence in South East Asia

04/08/2015 The Bühler Group, a global leader in rice processing and optical sorting solutions, today revealed its renewed strategic focus across South East Asia with an emphasis on food safety, hygienic production, energy efficiency and sustainability. Bühler’s renewed strategic focus across South East Asia marks a significant year in the company’s continuing rice processing expansion as well as its strategically significant position in the world’s most important rice producing markets. The company will continue to offer and develop new market optimised rice processing solutions that add value for its customers through improved yield, performance and efficiency superiority. It will also look to increase awareness of food-safe rice mills to ensure hygienic and safe food for consumers.

Over the past 12-24 months, Bühler has experienced significant growth in the Region, where over CHF 38 million (USD 39 million) worth of business was conducted, with particular success gained in Thailand. This marked a record year, partly thanks to a smaller number of larger contracts, including the company’s largest ever contract for rice processing, globally valued at over CHF 41 million (USD 42 million). The contract, for 62 of Bühler’s SORTEX S Ultravision machines, and 52 Ultraline polishers will result in the world’s largest rice mill, capable of sorting over 10 thousand tonnes of rice a day.

In addition, significant contracts have also been confirmed, including a contract for a 500 tonnes a day complete Paddy Processing Plant, which includes paddy intake, drying, silos and rice processing plant valued at CHF 8.7 million (USD 9 million), a rice re-reprocessing plant in Indonesia valued at CHF 6.8 million (USD 7 Million) and most recently a complete paddy rice mill in Vietnam valued at CHF 6.6 million (USD 6.9 Million).

Speaking about its success in South East Asia, Mark Ledson, Managing Director of Bühler Thailand, commented: “Over the past two years we’ve consciously changed the way we do business across South East Asia. We’ve dedicated time and effort listening to our customers’ needs and demonstrating our ability to offer a truly complete engineered solution that is supported by our commitment to Service Excellence.

Significant product launches in 2014 have also helped grow Bühler’s reach across South East Asia. In May 2014, the team launched its new SORTEX S Ultravision™ optical sorting machine – widely regarded as the most technologically advanced, intelligent optical sorter available for rice today.

Speaking about the launch, Mark Ledson added: “The response to the SORTEX S Ultravision™ has been incredibly positive, many of our customers have confirmed the S as taking optical sorting to the next level and sets us apart from the competition as a global leader in optical sorting. We understand the enormous pressure rice millers are under to process rice in the most sustainable way, maximising yield and improving quality and food safety standards. We believe high capacity processing is the future if the industry is to match growing demand.”

In addition to the launch of the SORTEX S Ultravision™ optical sorting machine, Bühler teams across South East Asia have also been actively promoting Food Safety as a key concept. With both consumer and customer interest in food safety on the rise, particularly with budding exporters, Bühler is in a prime position to offer end-to-end solutions that guarantee hygienic performance and food safety, including process engineering solutions for rice, solutions for pre-cleaning, silos, drying, rice milling and automated bagging.

Moving forward, Bühler will continue to extend its reach and presence within the region by completing existing and securing new projects. It has developed a full-fledged factory in Vietnam and has got an accessory workshop in Indonesia. All this demonstrates Bühler commitment to its customers across the region. It is also actively building its channels for single machine sales and is establishing country focused technology teams in most of the countries in South East Asia. Developing markets such as Cambodia and Myanmar will also present new opportunities to deliver smaller capacity rice mills, demonstrating Bühler’s ability to cater to the complete spectrum of rice mills across the region.

Commenting on the strategic focus for South East Asia, Rustom Mistry, Director, Head of Rice Processing in Asia commented: “In the past 24 months we have won large rice milling projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Looking ahead to the next 12-24 months, we’ll not only be looking to drive our market share across regions in South East Asia but enhance our Sales & Service structure (including distribution channels) along with developing new mid-market rice processing solutions that would give our customers value for money and continue to build the Bühler rice brand image. By developing and strengthening our technology expertise and service excellence in each country we are better prepared to serve our customers locally and further demonstrate our commitment to the local community and wider industry.”


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