Bühler’s optical sorting solutions offer quality assurance in confectionery processing

02/02/2015 Bühler reinforces its commitment to quality in the confectionery industry, with SORTEX optical sorting technology. The Bühler Group, global leader for innovations in the confectionery industry, who for decades have been providing a wealth of industry standard setting technologies for chocolate and compound production, today announced that they are expanding their range of sorting solutions with the SORTEX E1C and SORTEX K2A optical sorters, designed to support confectioners who demand the highest standards in product quality and food safety.

The confectionery market is enjoying dynamic growth in Asia, South America and other emerging regions, while innovation and novelty underpin developments in Europe, resulting in a proliferation of new confectionery items. Bühler is committed to supporting processors in meeting this increased demand and the need to produce ever safer, high quality, innovative confectionery products, while ensuring efficient production with reduced operational costs.

With already more than 20,000 optical sorters installed in over 100 countries, sorting a wide range of produce from grains, pulses, coffee and spices, to nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, Bühler is now, formally bringing 65 years of innovative sorting experience into confectionery applications. While this technology has been available to confectioners on an ad hoc basis in the past, the Bühler team is now focusing its know-how on enhancing optical sorting excellence, specifically for confectionery applications, such as chewing gum, candy, chocolates, mints, pastilles, gummy bears and more.

“One of the values of Bühler’s technology is its inherent flexibility and ability to remove unwanted material from mixed products, therefore providing the highest level of both safety and consistency in end product quality, while maintaining production efficiency,” said Stephen Jacobs, global product manager, Buhler Sortex, who explained that its precision sorters reliably detect and remove out-of-specification colours, shapes and sizes in one pass, to ensure end product quality. “Bühler’s optical sorters can remove a wide range of foreign material such as wood, plastic or glass from a vast range of finished confectionery products.

”These fast, reliable optical sorters can handle small, medium-sized or large production volumes and are equipped with advanced technologies such as broad-spectrum lighting, high definition bichromatic cameras, and enhanced InGaAs and PROfile (shape and structure) technology, to bring the ultimate in quality control and product safety.
“Occasionally, misshapes may be produced or products stick together. For chocolate manufacturers in particular, there may be loose, mistied or missing wrappers, or perhaps contamination from a previous product. Our optical sorter will pick these up immediately and eliminate them from the production flow,” said Jacobs. “In hard candy, the product can chip due to the handling. Our technology is designed for gentle handling of products whilst aslo being able to recognise and reject any broken product.

“Confectionery consumers are highly discerning and intolerant of any faulty product, lacking in consistency, colour or quality,” said Jacobs. “Thanks to its decades of experience and expertise, Bühler can support its confectionery customers, in achieving the high quality consumers have come to expect in their favourite confectionery products.”

Bühler, with it’s 150 year heritage, sophisticated experience in chocolate production and optical sorting solutions, will continue to be a reliable integral partner for confectioners who value quality excellence.


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