Grain Storage

After the unloading of ships or road and rail vehicles, the bulk materials are typically held in intermediate storage in bulk storage bins before onward conveying or processing. Bins and flat hangers balance the flow of materials between the stages of raw materials reception (intake), production of intermediates and end products, and holding of the finished products prior to shipping.

Bühler supplies storage systems as turnkey installations. Depending on the prevailing conditions, different bin designs are possible. Storage bins are usually cleaned before intermediate storage of bulk materials. Cleaning may have a positive impact on the storability of the materials. At the same time, the quality of further processing is substantially enhanced.

For checking the weight of bulk materials, fully electronic scales are applied which transmit the readings directly to master process control systems. Storage and retrieval of material into and from bins is controlled on the basis of material level detectors installed at different levels of the bin. The temperature of the stored bulk materials is continuously monitored by temperature sensors to ensure that the product temperatures will not exceed certain limits.

Efficient dust control of machines and devices by bag (sleeve) filters ensures maximum cleanliness in plants, which helps prevent dust explosions. Bühler also offers extensive consulting services for achieving optimal protection against dust explosions in accordance with the ATEX guidelines.


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