Instant Pasta

For the production of perfect quality instant pasta.

The secret behind excellent instant pasta products is found in an optimal steaming process. Steamer technology by Bühler is synonymous with controlled, hygienic and energy-saving production. Customers around the world benefit from our cost-optimized processes. Bühler's instant pasta lines are capable of producing premium-quality pasta products. That's because absolute cleanliness is guaranteed during the entire production process: Variable steam exhaust allows cooking to take place without exposing the production chamber to steam. A special cleaning unit ensures that the steaming belt is kept clean at all times – even during operation.

The modern drum-dryer is extremely energy efficient and the design’s cleverness is found in even the smallest details and pays off with a system that is uniquely maintenance-friendly.

The steam consumption levels in the steamer are also very impressive: The production of 1 kg of instant pasta requires just 0.5 kg of steam – demonstrating the extraordinary quality of Bühler's technological competence.


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