Corn & Rice Pasta (Gluten-Free Pasta)

Excellent pasta from corn & rice.

A diverse array of long-goods and short goods pasta of extremely high quality can be produced using corn and rice. However, pasta made from gluten-free raw materials requires specialized production processes. With its groundbreaking Polymatik™ technology, Bühler has revolutionized pasta production. With a patented process, Bühler lays the technological groundwork to produce pasta of the finest quality. Corn and rice attain the adhesive and binding properties characteristic of wheat only through modification of their inherent starches. That is why the Polymatik™ from Bühler offers the possibility to bring steam and additives into the dough formation process in the press.

With this solution corn- and rice pasta with capacities of up to 2200 kg/h per press screw can be produced with excellent taste, best cooking properties and typical firm texture and while meeting the highest food safety demands. In this manner, Bühler technology makes premium-quality dietetic products possible.


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