Business Unit Pasta & Noodles

Bühler knows what makes excellent pasta. 150 years of experience in development are reflected in first-class production systems. From storage, cleaning and grinding of cereal grains to dough preparation and drying: Bühler has perfected every stage of the process – for the success at which customers are aiming and for the longevity of the equipment. With innovative machines and individual solutions, Bühler supports companies all over the world on the path to pasta production: from grain processing to the finished high-quality pasta – for long-goods, short goods, instant pasta or couscous.

Bühler knows the requirements for an optimal production process: All the experience, technical know-how and sensitivity are applied to the needs of the customer with famous Swiss precision and reliability. The integrated service portfolio ranges from planning and development through to the ready-to-use installation of the system.

In this regard, the pasta production lines reflect the full scope of Bühler's competencies: They enable maximum flexibility of raw materials and utilization of semi-finished products and byproducts, fulfill the strictest standards of hygiene and are highly energy-efficient. Premium pasta requires premium technology – technology by Bühler.

The art of making gluten-free pasta

The pasta producer Molino Andriani from the south of Italy explains in this refreshing video how he has been successfully producing gluten-free pasta for more than ten years – with solutions from Bühler.

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