Texturized Vegetable Proteins

Bühler extrusion: For efficiently texturizing protein.

Texturized proteins often function as a meat substitute in various food products and can be found for example in sausages, sauces and soups. With flexible extrusion processes by Bühler, producing texturized proteins is both effective and economical – the desired results are always guaranteed. Bühler offers companies in the food processing industry the technological infrastructure with which the molecular structure of vegetable and animal proteins can be specifically modified. Depending on the recipe, these proteins can be premixed with additional ingredients such as flours, food coloring, flavoring, minerals or emulsifiers prior to conditioning and extrusion.

Thanks to the flexible configuration possibilities of our highly sophisticated extruder, the customer can precisely define the texture of the end product, which is then produced to these exact specifications: with a foamy or compact texture and short or long fibers as desired.

Bühler extrusion processes for texturized proteins also allow for precise determination of the water addition rate: Depending on whether dry or wet textured products are being produced, the rate of water addition is correspondingly high or low. This results in products of consistently high quality with a natural appearance and excellent taste.


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