Modified Flours

Efficient and economical modification of flours and starches.

Modified flours and starches are essential as binders in many food and industrial products. Bühler offers its customers a complete range of technology for the efficient production of high-quality texturising flours and starches. Modified flour and starch products are chiefly characterized by modified water absorption and solubility properties. As required in food production, the viscosity of flour-(starch-)and-water suspensions can be adjusted via a twin-screw extruder to suit specific customer needs.

Through input of suitable thermal or mechanical energy in our highly sophisticated preconditioners and extruders, starch and protein-based raw materials are given the desired cold and hot water solubility properties.

Bühler extrusion processes are highly flexible and an extremely effective method of modifying flours and starches. In the food processing industry, these processes are preferable to chemical treatment – for reasons that go beyond quality. Because they save on production costs, Bühler extrusion processes are also an economically sensible solution.


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