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The secret of success for the production of confectionery bars of all kinds is, next to integrated process technology for fully continuous production systems from raw material to packaging, mainly one point: the enthusiasm to provide countlines with a unique and branded profile using a variety of ingredients, elaborate recipes and perfectly conditioned chocolate, nougat, caramel or cereal masses. The relevance of Bühler’s process technology in the worldwide chocolate market has increased with the integration of the Bepex know-how in the production of enrobed and filled products like confectionery bars, cookies, caramel and other sweets. This type of confectionery represents in industrialized countries as well as in emerging economies a market which is growing significantly in the field of chocolate countlines and chocolate enrobed products.

The plant portfolio ranges from dosing, weighing, mixing, cooking and aeration of masses through extrusion, forming and cutting up to tempering, enrobing and cooling of the products. Furthermore, all solutions are also available in hygienic design.

The process technology for batchwise and continuous processes can handle aerated and non-aerated masses as well as binders of any consistency for the production of cereal bars. Minimized product tolerances, precise forming, weight accuracy as well as homogeneous smooth handling of even sensitive masses characterize the formpress and cutting systems. The worldwide respected processing experience in the field of finishing of chocolates, confectionery and bakery is shown in the enrobing and cooling technology.

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Bühler GmbH Leingarten equips the confectionery industry worldwide with production systems for confectionery, bars and baked goods.


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