Remanufacturing and retrofits for die casting machines

Remanufacturing service from Bühler – an investment that pays off.

Professionally carried out reconditioning and upgrading of die casting machines secure their long-term availability and are attractive alternatives to new investments. There are dedicated remanufacturing facilities at BuhlerPrince (USA) and Bühler Brescia (Europe). This means that competent partners offering a comprehensive range of services in the remanufacturing and retrofit of used die casting machines and equipment are locally at your service. The range of services comprises:
  • Partial and general remanufacturing of Bühler die casting machines
  • Expanded functionality of die casting machines
  • Software updates
  • Control system upgrades
  • Upgrades of entire die casting cells
  • Relocation and recommissioning of die casting equipment
  • Remanufacturing of die casting machines of other manufacturers

Whether you just want to remanufacture single machine components or completely refurbish entire die casting cells, Bühler is your reliable partner in every aspect, worldwide.