Atta Flour Milling

Industrial Atta flour production.

Bühler’s Atta process with PesaMill™ is the first industrial process technology for the production of whole wheat Atta flour, providing a completely authentic taste and top sanitation. PesaMill™: Innovative milling technology
The innovative circulation system with the high-compression PesaMill™ enables the production of authentic Atta flour. Taste and texture are identical to Atta flour produced on traditional Chakki stone mills.
With the fully integrated milling system, one PesaMill™ replaces up to twenty traditional stone mills. Additional advantages include increased yield, reduced energy consumption and the ability to produce different Atta flour qualities on the same milling system.
PesaMill™ enables the flexible adjustment of flour characteristics to the market requirements. Starch damage, water absorption and granulation can be easily adjusted to produce different Atta flour qualities.
The innovative technology and sturdy design of the Bühler Atta process with PesaMill™ ensure a long lifetime and optimal investment protection.

Bühler: The reliable partner
Bühler offers cutting-edge process technologies for the production of high-quality wheat flour. As the market and technology leader in the grain processing industry, Bühler provides innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Bühler technology makes it possible to achieve a rapid return on investment through outstanding product quality and high yields. Furthermore, Bühler offers extensive food safety solutions for maximum sanitation along the entire production chain.


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Winner of the GRAPAS Innovation Award 2018

Winner of the GRAPAS Innovation Award 2018