Whitening and Polishing Solutions for Rice

Ultimate whitening and polishing performance.

The whitening and polishing process removes the bran from rice, making it more palatable and delivers the finish suitable for a range of market requirements; export, local, wholesale etc. Bühler offers a wide range of rice whiteners and polishers to suit all market and a processors requirements matching any capacity needs and end product finish.

An abrasive process, our range of equipment features patented technologies and are designed to deliver maximum head count of head rice, delivers a hygienic, reliable operation all whilst offering a low processing costs per tonne.

Introducing Bühler UltraLine.
High capacity, energy-efficient rice processing solutions.

The UltraLine portfolio features three new machine innovations – equipped with multiple international patents, the UltraWhite™ whitener, UltraPoly™ polisher and SORTEX S UltraVision™ optical sorter delivers the smoothest, dust free and shiniest rice surface at unprecedented levels of processing capacity of up to 16 tonnes per hour whilst driving down the processing cost per tonne.

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