By-product processing

Maximising added value through deep processing.

Bühler’s research and development programs work to deliver new applications and cutting-edge technologies for maximum profitability for our customers. Processing by-products from rice is one such example. We have the process know-how and can offer complete solutions for by-products such as brans and broken rice to maximise your returns.

Key solutions for by-products include:

  • Rice Flour
    Bühler’s unparalleled expertise in flour milling brings significant
    return on investment for processors to provide consistent product
    quality and precise ‘granulation whilst maintaining maximum

  • Bran Stabilisation
    Bühler offers a full range of equipment and solutions to preserve
    rice bran, prolonging its shelf life up to six months. The process
    involves deactivating the enzymes to prevent free fatty acids from
    decomposing. This process also makes bran and germ palatable
    and tastier.

  • Reconstituted Rice
    Reconstituted rice uses cutting-edge technology to transform
    broken rice into new grains whose appearance is remarkably like
    that of natural rice. This process requires the know-how and state-of-
    the-art technology. Bühler’s renowned success in this filed is
    delivered through patented processes and equipment,
    applied at every stage of the processing line; grinding, blending,
    conditioning, extrusion, drying and sifting.


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