Business Unit Flour Services

The Flour Service Team of Milling Solutions supports the millers and bakers with customized flour ingredient solutions based on optimized process conditions for best performance of the final products. Consistent flour quality, excellent performance of baked goods and pasta, high nutritional value and food safety are key. Wheat quality varies stronlgy based on different cultivars, soil and climaterespectivley wheather conditions in the regions. Millers and bakers are looking for a very consistent flour quality within different applications like baked goods and pasta or noodles. The Flour Service Application Specialists work closely with our customers and develop the best performing solution to improve flour quality and the nutritional value of the final goods.
Malnutrion is unfortnately present in many countries with a high impact on child mortality and stunting. This leads to a huge social ecconomic loss of human ressources in many countries. Overweight and obesity are the burden of the 21st century with high prevalence for Diabetes II, coronary heart diseases and cancers.


Rice Fortification Solutions
Cold and hot extrusion processes based on inovative technolgies for production of Fortified Rice Kernels avoid malnutrition.

Atta Process with Pesa Mill™
This Atta process with PesaMill™ is the first industrial process technology for production of whole wheat Atta flour. A novel milling process for whole grain type of flour with unique benefits in terms of food safety and nutritional values.

Business Area Milling Solutions


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Training courses overview

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African Milling School

In Nairobi Bühler runs the African Milling School with a Milling Training Center, a fully equiped analytical laboratory and bakery faclities.
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Bühler Bangsheng Food Ingredients

Bühler Bangsheng in China offers tailor made flour ingredient solutions to the milling and food processing industry.