TotalCare™ Perform

Repair and Optimise.


TotalCareTM Perform represents our highest level of optical sorter component protection.

Focused on minimising downtime, Bühler aspires to keep customer downtime to under 24 hours, safeguarding optical sorters in the case of any failed components.

Ensuring first-rate performance, Bühler engineers will carry out initial repairs before optimising the machine for best operation, maintaining performance for the future.

Key highlights:

  • Performance optimisation
  • Express part replacement and repair
  • Safeguard first-rate performance
  • Advice on operational health

Enhance Performance,
Maximise profitability.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long are my components covered?
Components are covered for the entire duration of the contract, depending on its length. We currently offer 1-5 years. TotalCare contracts across the range of performance protection options.

How many times can the parts be replaced?
Parts will be replaced as many times as necessary to keep the machine running in optimum condition.


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