TotalCare™ AnywarePro

Remote Access and Assistance.


Bühler understands that monitoring, controlling and analysing the performance data on your optical sorter is crucial to ensuring maximum efficiency, productivity and yield.

Now, with TotalCare™ AnywarePro™, you can monitor your optical sorter whenever you want and wherever you want from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Have total control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Monitor real-time machine performance, receive fault alerts as and when they happen, track defect analysis. Compare historical data and obtain support from Bühler engineers around the world with TotalCare™ AnywarePro™.

Key highlights:

  • Complete visibility with real-time monitoring
  • Total control for informed plant management
  • Supported assistance from Bühler engineers
  • Maintain ultimate control

Sorting performance trends make it easier to improve quality control tracking.

Faults can be diagnosed and performance optimised in any location using a laptop or tablet.

Engineers will arrive onsite with a full diagnostic report and specific parts requirements for the repair – limiting downtime.


Enhance Performance,
Maximise profitability.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can see your sort performance?
Sorter information is accessible via our online platform, AnywareProTM. Users will, upon entering the site, be required to enter their user name and password before being granted access to any optical sorter information. All information is held with the highest confidentiality and security.

How can information help you improve performance?
Quality reports can be downloaded and used for long-term optimisation and analysis. These reports may be used to improve performance.

What is measured?
Monitor real-time sorter status including contamination levels, machine performance, fault alerts and component lifetime indicators to anticipate problems and take action before they happen.

What diagnostic tests can be remotely performed?
Among the tests accessible to Bühler personnel with the AnywarePro System, ejector and wiper tests, camera configurations and re-calibration are all available to be carried out on the system.

How are the tests carried out?
Upon calling your Bühler representative, a PIN will appear on your optical sorter screen which must be quoted to the operator. This is to ensure that access is both given to the right sorter but also to ensure owners retain ultimate control over their optical sorter. Your Bühler representative will then remotely operate the user interface and perform any required diagnostic tests.


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