Self-optimizing, smart chocolate factory

With the self-optimizing smart chocolate factory Bühler points the way into the age of IoT and the fourth industrial revolution. Four new game changing digital services for the traditional DoMiReCo line (dosing, mixing, refining, conching) will increase performance, reduce operational costs and keep quality at target. Furthermore, information about quality, performance, and availability are accessible anytime anywhere for smarter and faster decision taking. Increased line efficiency for a constantly high OEE
The two stage refining process gets self-optimized to highest throughput and constant quality by implementing smart sensor systems and communication between pre-finer and finer.

24/7 quality control of product properties
The combination of different smart sensor systems allows a reliable particle size measurement and enables a particle size control along the roll. Most accurate and reliable control of the most important quality parameter in chocolate production: particle size.

Full transparency of quality, performance, and line availability
Sensor technologies make it possible to measure process performance, quality inline, and continuously. Resulting KPI dashboards are available anywhere any time.

Operational cost savings on resources, energy and service expenses
The five roll refiner is running 24/7 in the ideal operation mode, independent on raw material variations or operator skills level.


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