Automation Services

Your trusted partner in automation

Automation Services

Your trusted partner in automation

Maximize uptime. Optimize performance. Bühler creates tailored automation solutions to help you maximize uptime and optimize performance. With over 5,000 installed plants worldwide, Bühler is the global automation partner you can trust. 

Our global process and industry expertise is backed by local support, ensuring that we deliver tailored best-practice solutions that comply with your local standards and regulations and meet your precise needs.


Automation explained

Bühler Automaton brings you a remarkable range of options designed to enhance your product quality and safety, productivity and bottom line, whether you are taking your first step in automation, building a state-of-the-art new plant or modernizing your existing factory.

Explore our deep knowledge of your challenges

Specialist solutions for your industry

Bühler Automation has industry specialists with years of experience in developing tailored solutions all around the world. 

Animal Nutrition

Better productivity delivering superior quality feed.

Grain Handling

Minimizing your post-harvest losses. 


Experience and technology to enhance your malting plant. 

Wheat & Rye

Proven solutions to enhance quality and reduce costs. 


Enjoy unprecedented control over your coffee flavor generation. 

Cocoa & Chocolate

Enhance your chocolate production, from bean to packet.

Baked Goods

Securing your delivery reliability.

Your industry is not listed? 

Bühler also brings all of your process automation services together in one place for Pet Food, Extruded Products, Rice, Pasta &Noodles, Oilseed, Nuts and more. 

Why choose us?

5, 000
Installed plants
We cover the complete lifecycle from project idea to service and support. This simplifies your project management and gives you a single point of contact with clear responsibility for delivering to the agreed specification.
Automation Specialists
With regional technology centers and over 90 service stations in 170 countries, we are never far away. Our automation specialist understands your local compliance and regulations needs as well as your specific industry challenges.
Years of experience
We have a deep understanding of best practice. From basic automation to future-proofed IoT solutions. Whether you are a single producer or a global enterprise, you benefit from the strategic approach that has made us a world leader.

Customer Success

Don't just take our words, what counts is what our customers have to say about us. We have a selection of customer success stories where each company shares their experiences with Bühler. 

Our new Bühler plant control system WinCos® allows us to view all the important data at a glance.

C.K. Joshua, Chairman, Jamii Milling, Kenya

Our main concern was downtime. We needn’t have worried. Bühler managed the transition perfectly.

Barry Kelly, General Manager, James Neill Ltd., UK

Mercury and Bühler are setting new standards for product safety and for the whole process as well as traceability.

C.K. Joshua, Chairman, Jamii Milling, Kenya

Grüninger Mühlen has decided to modernize its automation system and expand it to integrate all processes of their production. To be ready for the future and embrace digitalization, they went for the latest in production automation: Mercury MES. Having control over the complete production greatly simplifies their everyday work. Mercury provides transparency to take the correct actions quickly. 


The customer’s production manager Philipp Marquart is particularly impressed by the web-based interface. Operators can now tweak the production system not only from the control panel, but from anywhere in the production, taking over control on tablets or smartphones. 


  • Mercury integrates all processes of Grüninger’s production chain 
  • Operating Mercury on different devices provides a new level of flexibility
  • New KPI overview makes production parameters transparent
  • Mercury builds the basis for added digital services
We came to Bühler for their chocolate process competence, engineering competence and machine competence.

Günther Kscheschinski, COO, Maestrani, Switzerland

Giving Maestrani full control

After 160 years of continuous development, Maestrani had a disjointed process, with elements physically in the wrong place and many machines that couldn’t communicate with one another. Our meticulous planning approach defined function and control down to the individual component level, from the arrival of raw materials, through mass production to storage tanks.


D-Day – as smooth as chocolate

When D-Day arrived, we were able to get production online, under the new Bühler WinCos® system, on the first day after Go Live. Our engineers remained on-site to help Maestrani operators and engineers adopt the new system. Maestrani now has a fully integrated, optimized plant with the communication, visibility and control they need to drive productivity, today and into the future.


  • New plant control system gives Maestrani full control over all of its processes
  • Retrofit meticulously planned by Bühler to upgrade machinery, integrate communication and control and improve efficiency for plant and workers
  • Bühler engineers work with the Maestrani team to ensure a smooth transition with minimal production downtime
We could restart the plant after four days. So, we were two times faster than what I expected.

Urs Santschi, Head of Production, Zwicky, Switzerland

Upgrading a mill's automation system usually means a complete shutdown of production. Thus, a quick and error-free installation and start-up is essential to limit costs associated with the production downtime. Together with our costumer Zwicky specialty mill in Switzerland we were able to upgrade and commission the automation system in only four days.


  • Integration of four production systems to one central control point
  • Preconfigured adapters reduced the wiring time by more than 90%
Your complete one-stop shop

Automation services

Drawing on global experience from over 5,000 installed plants, Bühler brings all of your process automation services together in one place. Our local delivery ensures we meet the standards, compliance and support needs that matter to you most.

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