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Pick-up cleaner

The pick-up cleaner LALA is a highly innovative solution that removes those long impurities that lead to clogged inlets and outlets on machinery. This leads to optimum results and makes it an essential first step in the cleaning process.

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Key benefits

Optimum cleaning quality

The Bühler pick-up cleaner LALA is the only solution on the market able to reliably remove large amounts of coarse impurities without clogging either the machine or downstream machinery. This ensures top-class cleaning results in downstream processes.

Exceptional safety standards

The robust components of the grain cleaning machine LALA ensure a long lifetime. All moving parts are covered, which means that any operating personnel are completely protected.

Highly automated, high-throughput process

The pick-up cleaner LALA allows far higher throughputs in subsequent processes, as the product has already been reliably pre-cleaned. Used with a sieving machine like Bühler's TAS, it is an essential first element in the automatic cleaning line.

Optimum cleaning results – high throughput, low maintenance

The rake unit

For the best results in coarse cleaning

Freshly harvested materials often contain amounts of long particles and coarse impurities that can clog machinery. The pick-up cleaner LALA's unique method uses a rake unit to make sure these are removed, assuring optimum preparation for storage, drying and processing. This easy-to-use machine requires minimal manual intervention and significantly reduces wear and tear on downstream equipment.

The pick-up cleaner LALA has improved our pre-cleaning paddy quality, which has a significant role in enhancing the overall production. It’s really a wonderful invention by Bühler for separating strings from the freshly harvested paddy. The paddy quality going towards parboiling is now far superior to before, which means increased profitability.

Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill, West Bengal, India

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