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Webinar: Cocoa Processing in Nigeria – The Early-bird approach

February 9, 2022
10:00 - 11:30 WAT (UTC + 1)

When it comes to cocoa processing in Nigeria, there are critical issues that need attention in the present - funding, income, environmental issues, trade policies, infrastructure, research, and development/quality data, COVID implications, etc. For every industry, it is important to understand the market trends, practices and characteristics; and be able to navigate the challenges and utilising all opportunities for success. In addition to these, timing also plays a big role in achieving market share and positioning.  ​

In this webinar, we look at the strategy of early-bird investment and its impact on achieving success in cocoa processing in Nigeria. ​



  • Welcome & Introduction - 10 minutes
  • Session 1: 30 minutes
  • Session 2: 15 minutes
  • Q&A session - 30 minutes
  • Summary, Thank you & End - 5 minutes

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