Cenomic™ – Full-volume agitated bead mill.

- Minimized specific energy requirement
- Higher productivity from smaller mill volume
- High flow capacity


The horizontal full-volume agitated bead mill - ideal for pass operation, in many cases highly suitable for economic recirculation mode. Conveying EcoMizer™-discs guarantee highest energy efficiency. Bead separation is accomplished by Bühler SCS™ (Superior Centrifugal Separation), consisting of a highly effective deflector with integrated EcoMizer™-function. Protected from wear a discharge screen is located within the deflector. Cenomic™ is highly recommended for products like protective coatings, paints, gravure inks and many more.

High productivity
Optimized energy saving wet milling technology through slim process chamber and high-efficiency EcoMizer™ grinding discs. The discs with particularly large diameter for efficient accelerating of beads with reduced motor speed are resulting in more economical grinding.

Separator system SCS™
Operationally safe separation of grinding beads even with high flow rates.

Exchangable components
All surfaces of the process chamber being in contact with the product are designed as individually exchangeable components manufactured from particularly wear resistant materials.

High-intensity cooling for temperature-sensitive products
The exchangeable inner liner of the process chamber is surrounded in the full length by an uninterrupted outer jacket. In between there is an annulus through which the actual coolant flows.