MicroMedia™ Nano bead mill for innovative products.

- Excellent suitability for beads from 20 µm
- Soft-dispersing in lower nano-range
- High-energy true grinding
- For contamination-sensitive products


Small volume annular agitated bead mill with variable power density from 0.1 to 4 kW/l. Designed for reliable use of micro-beads. The beads are concentrated in eddied outer ring layer through which the product flows axially. The MicroMediaTM excels by an intense cooling at the outer stator and in the annular discharge duct between inner rotor and inner stator. The upstream multiple separation steps prevent beads from loading the micro protection screen located within the rotor head. Excellent suitability for beads from 20 to 800 µm
The minimized transfer of beads from the outer process area into the inner cooling duct and the extremely large free screen surface allow for high flow rates even with smallest beads.

Soft-dispersing in lower nano-range
The efficient separation of micro-beads allows for tip speeds from 4 m/s resulting in soft dispersing with a target fineness down to 10 nm.

High-energy true grinding
Due to the excellent cooling efficiency it is possible to conduct intense true grinding of temperature sensitive products with high tip speed and high power density.

For contamination-sensitive products
For the nano-treatment of contamination-sensitive products ceramic and metallic mill lining materials are available.