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Significant growth signals for Bühler in 2014.

Uzwil, 02/10/2015 – The Technology Group Bühler closed 2014 with significant growth signals. The company's order intake grew organically by 9% to CHF 2.6 billion, while its orders on hand grew by 20% to CHF 1.6 billion – both record results in the company's more than 150-year history. Due to long project durations, turnover remained stable at the previous year's level of CHF 2.3 billion. In 2014, Bühler once again invested heavily in research and development, with a total sum of just under CHF 100 million (4.2% of turnover), and launched a considerable number of new products into the market. The introduction of restructuring measures and capacity adjustments led to further improvements in profitability and all of the key financial performance indicators. The EBIT grew by 4% to CHF 145 million or by 40% to CHF 195 million, when adjusted for one-time effects. Net liquidity rose by 23% to CHF 464 million, while equity increased by 8% to CHF 1.1 billion (equity ratio: 45%). “These strong results confirm our strategic direction as an industrial solution and service provider,” says Bühler CEO Calvin Grieder. The company is approaching the significant appreciation of the Swiss franc from a position of strength. “I am proud of our employees, who worked with us, to quickly and pragmatically agree on the necessary immediate measures in order to safeguard our competitiveness,” says CEO Grieder. “Despite the changed circumstances, we are eager to continue our growth path and we look ahead to the 2015 fiscal year with cautious optimism.” Read more

Bühler counteracts the strong Swiss franc with immediate measures.

Uzwil, 02/06/2015 – The Uzwil-based Bühler Technology Group is launching a comprehensive package of immediate measures to counteract the appreciation of the Swiss franc aimed at safeguarding its competitiveness, under drastically worsened circumstances. Bühler is taping into the possibilities provided by the collective labour agreement and has agreed with its employees to take the following measures: From 16 February 2015, the working week for the entire Swiss workforce will be increased to 45 hours for the next seven months. Recruitment during this period will be stopped and no wage negotiations will be held this year. In return, in Switzerland, the company will refrain from redundancies for economic reasons for the period of seven months. "I am proud of our employees and that we were able to quickly agree on this contribution to safeguard our competitiveness," says Bühler CEO Calvin Grieder. Read more

Bühler welcomes the elite researchers of tomorrow

Uzwil, 11/06/2014 Bühler is pleased to host the “9th European PhD Workshop on Food Engineering and Technology” in Uzwil. As part of a competition that Bühler helped to organize, PhD students from 16 European countries will present their research projects at the headquarters of the Bühler Group in March 2015. Entries are still being accepted and the preliminary selection of candidates has already begun. “Bühler is proud to host this prestigious event. The workshop is an excellent platform to discuss the current aspects of research and the main challenges in the food industry with highly qualified young researchers and to get these people interested in pursuing a career in our industry,” says Bühler CTO Ian Roberts. Read more

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