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Bühler presents first Food Engineering Award to Josef Hörmansperger from ETH Zurich

Uzwil, May 27, 2016 – At the 10th European PhD Workshop on Food Engineering and Technology, Bühler for the first time awarded the Bühler Food Engineering Award. The award was presented to Josef Hörmansperger, a PhD candidate from ETH Zurich, for developing a quality-preserving microbial decontamination method for food powders such as milk powder. With the Food Engineering Award, Bühler wants to encourage young researchers to address issues which are particularly relevant for the food industry. Read more

Food industry and young researchers work together to address industry challenges

Uzwil, April 25, 2016 – The global food industry faces an enormous challenge: By 2050, almost 10 billion people will have to be fed in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. In order to achieve this, various issues need to be addressed, among them the industrial processing of alternative protein sources such as algae or insects, the development of new and innovative food products, implementing highest food safety standards across the entire value chain or reducing food and feed losses. „These challenges can no longer be solved by any company alone, but require a coordinated effort by the global food industry and the best researchers. With the 10th European PhD Workshop on Food Engineering and Technology, Bühler aims to provide a platform to bring together the best young European researchers in the field of Food Engineering and to strengthen the collaboration between leading industry players and academia“, explains Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Bühler. For the first time this year, Bühler will award the Bühler Food Engineering Award to a selected researcher. This award will complement the Julius Maggi Research Award sponsored by Nestlé. Read more

Bühler speeds up e-mobility with new technology

Uzwil (Switzerland), April 26, 2016 – In the future, electrically powered cars are expected to play a key role in improving the air quality in metropolitan areas and reducing CO2 emissions. As a consequence, the increase in e-fleets and thus also battery capacities is being pushed on a global scale – and especially in China. For manufacturing the key component of these energy storage devices, the so-called battery electrode slurry, Bühler has in the past years joined forces with the Chinese manufacturer Lishen and developed an entirely new and much more efficient production process – and has now been awarded the first large-scale order by Lishen for four production lines worth almost CHF 10 million. “For us, this order means that we have entered the rapidly growing market of the future of e-mobility,” explains Samuel Schär, CEO of the Bühler Advanced Materials Business. Read more

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