With immediate effect, Bühler AG shall use the TeamViewer application for web support (instead of NTR).

In order to download TeamViewer, please accept our terms and conditions of use and then click on "Download TeamViewer".

Terms of use

Bühler exercises ordinary care. For the internet-based or modem-based remote diagnosis, only those manipulations will be effected that are indispensable for the fulfillment of the contract. Bühler shall not modify the client’s safety settings and equipment.

The client basically authorizes Bühler to access his plant network for the purpose of remote diagnosis via internet or modem access. Such an access by Bühler shall be coordinated with the client beforehand. The client shall be responsible for the safe and secure operation of software and hardware components required for this purpose.

Furthermore, the client shall be entitled to withdraw this authorization towards Bühler at any time in writing by means of registered letter.

I have read the terms and conditions of use and declare that I agree with them.

Old support page

In urgent cases, you may use the old support page (Inquiero) for a limited period of time.