SORTEX Z+ Optical Sorter

SORTEX Z+ Optical Sorter

- Accurate defect detection 
- Profitability
- Flexibility operations
- Simple user interface

SORTEX Z+ Optical Sorter

The SORTEX Z+ is the dependable optical sorter in its area of application. It determines the purity of input product with exceptional accuracy within a split second. On the basis of colour, shape or other optical properties, defective items and foreign material are identified and separated from the product stream. Its main fields of application are rice, grains, beans and pulses, tea and coffee, seeds and spices, nuts, dehydrated vegetables and recycled plastics. Accurate defect detection thanks to proven technology.
  • High-resolution monochromatic and bichromatic visible cameras detect recognised product defects and foreign matter.
  • Optional InGaAs cameras can detect and clearly differentiate between most foreign materials based on invisible optical properties. 
  • Optional PROfile technology; product defects are identified through a combination of various parameters such as shape, size and colour.

Delivering profitability through reliable, consistent performance.

  • The balanced and consistent performance of the SORTEX Z+ ensures a minimum loss of quality product during the sorting process which maximises the profitability. 
  • The perfect interplay of high-resolution cameras, InGaAs sensors and high-speed serviceable ejectors enables precise ejection. - Reliable and uniform feed and optimal illumination using fluorescent or halogen lighting result in the most accurate separation.
  • Optional split chute system optimises the product footprint for a given capacity.

Flexible operation thanks to customisable, optional modules.

  • The capacity of the sorter can be adapted to meet the customers' exact needs: Available in up to four modules.
  • The feed system is specifically tailored to the product, allowing for a wide range of chute options.

Enhances profitability.
The enhanced user interface enables fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of pre-stored product modes. This ensures an excellent and consistent performance. The modem for remote support allows significant time-saving and offers maximum uptime, which further enhances profitability.


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