SORTEX B Optical Sorter

SORTEX B Optical Sorter – Consistent balanced performance with large capacity

- Increased capacity
- Consistent sorting performance
- Improved precision
- Improved reliability
- Simple to operate interface

SORTEX B Optical Sorter

Consistent balanced performance with large capacity

The SORTEX B performs with speed, efficiency and reliability, removing defective and foreign material from a variety of rice products. It meets processors’ requirements for capacity, sorter precision, reliability and ease of use.

Increased capacity

  • The five-module design allows for higher capacity sorting and greater variation for configuration. The SORTEX B can support primary/secondary/tertiary sorting arranged as 3+1+1 or 3+2.
  • The SORTEX B is also available with split feed as a factory option, further expanding the flexibility of configuration.

Consistent sorting performance

  • A combination of flatter background lighting and auto-calibration gives a more even ejection rate, module to module, delivering consistent and reliable performance, month after month.
  • The low-voltage digital drive technology for the vibrators leads to more consistent throughput over time and between modules, optimising sorter performance without operator intervention.
  • Sealed optical boxes keep dust out of components and away from the inside of the glass.

Improved precision

  • Better detection of spot defects and yellow grains, due to improved background lighting design.

Improved reliability

  • Ejectors developed by Bühler specifically for rice sorting. Designed to provide high speed and accuracy with reduced wear, further reducing the cost of ownership.
  • The control box is designed to provide improved air circulation, particularly around the power supplies – resulting in improved reliability.
  • The lamp and vibrator control boards now operate from low-voltage power supplies, leading to improved reliability.

Simple to operate interface

  • Doors at the end of the optical box allow easy access to the optical glass, and wiper blades.
  • System interface hardware and software allow for direct input from a load cell in the customer‘s hopper. This allows capacity of sorter to be matched to plant capacity.
  • Large touch screen buttons for easier operation in mills and processing plants.
  • Ability to store user-defined modes for fast product changeovers.


  • Equipped with a specially designed receptacle to handle delicate commodities such as rice and grains.
  • Feed chute have a built-in feature to reduce spillage at feed transition point.
  • Equipped with Bühler’s Broken Rice Monitor – an alert system to give warning when predefined trends of broken rice are exceeded.

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