Schmidt-Seeger SMA LAEA

Schmidt-Seeger SMA LAEA – The cost-effective and compact screening machine.

- Optimum cleaning
- High operational reliability
- High throughput rate
- Easy maintenance

Schmidt-Seeger SMA LAEA

Conditioning and/or cleaning is an essential step in every processing plant for grain or other bulk materials.
The goal is to optimize the storage life of the grain and to improve the quality of the product to be cleaned. The screening machine Schmidt-Seeger SMA LAEA is particularly suited to remove coarse impurities during the receiving or primary cleaning process. With a single screen layer high throughput rates can be obtained, which provide guaranteed high availability in particular during the receiving process. The machine Schmidt-Seeger SMA LAEA is optimally suited for applications in plants for the receiving and storage of grain and other bulk products, port facilities, mills, silo and storage plants, seed processing plants as well as malting plants.

Optimum separation of diverse impurities

  • In order to separate extremely light fractions, every cleaning machine of the SMA series is equipped with a vertical sifter with variable air volume regulation.
  • A magnet plate is available as an option for integration in the vertical sifter, where it removes metallic impurities from the product flow.

Highest standards in terms of operational reliability

  • Safety equipment, such as the oscillation monitor on the screen box, provides protection against malfunctions.
  • The tension of the V-belt is easy to adjust, providing guaranteed smooth operation as well.

High throughput rates – quick receiving process

  • Particularly suitable for primary cleaning prior to drying, the model Schmidt-Seeger SMA LAEA is outstanding due to its high receiving capacity.

Easy maintenance thanks to access from the front to change screens

  • Easy access from the front facilitates the replacement of screens.
  • Cleaning is particularly easy, as the screens can be taken out through the open screen flaps.

Product groups

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About Bühler Schmidt-Seeger

Since September 2010 the company Schmidt-Seeger belongs to the Bühler Group. Now that the integration has been completed, the company appears since January 2012 solely under the name Bühler GmbH. Bühler GmbH has its headquarter still in Beilngries north of Munich. A further manufacturing plant is located in Döbeln near Dresden.