Impact Machine MJZG

Impact Machine MJZG – efficient destruction of insects and insect eggs.

- Makes finished products more suitable for storage
- Flexible application

Impact Machine MJZG

Bühler's impact machine MJZG is employed for the quality assurance of flours, semolina and middlings. Insects and their eggs are destroyed by intensive impacting. The throughput capacity for flour is up to 40 t/h, for semolina and fine semolina up to 12 t/h.
The range of applications of the impact machine is extremely diverse. The machine is used in mills processing common wheat, durum wheat, corn (maize) and rice, and also in specialty milling, e.g. in the processing of oats, buckwheat, barley, spelt, sorghum and millet.
Even after milling, the unit can be used as a sterilator prior to flour storage in the flour storage and handling system (flour silo) or before load-out.
Makes finished products better suited for storage.
Insects and their eggs are efficiently destroyed via intensive impacting, thus significantly improving the end products' suitability for storage.

Flexible installation and application possibilities.

  • The range of possible applications is very diverse. The impact machine can be used with flours, semolinas and fine semolinas of virtually any variety of grain.
  • The installation possibilities are just as flexible. Thanks to the tangential product outlet, the impact machine can be installed in a standing, suspended, vertical or horizontal position, making the machine excellently suited for integration in any plant.