Optical Sorting.

Synonymous with optical sorting.

Bühler is a leading global supplier of optical sorting solutions to the food and non-food processing industries and has been at the forefront of optical sorting technology for over 60 years. The Bühler optical sorting portfolio offers our customers a choice of precision-engineered innovative optical sorting equipment to meet today’s exacting optical sorting applications. As one of the world’s most trusted brands in optical sorting, we are recognised for intelligent technology and engineering leadership.

Bühler manufactures and assembles a full range of optical sorting equipment for grains, beans, pulses, spices, nuts, rice, vegetables and fruits as well as non-food products such as plastics by colour and shape with superior precision, performance and efficiency.

Our machines are designed in accordance with the most exacting standards of food hygiene and excel in the most difficult of food sorting applications where the strictest levels of food quality and safety are demanded.

Available with industry-leading technologies including high-resolution custom built colour cameras, proprietary PolarVision™, BioVisionTM, PolyVision™, InGaAsHD and PROfileTM detection technologies, SmartEject™ and optimised feed mechanisms, Bühler optical sorters deliver the highest yield and unmatched quality of products.

With over half a century of optical sorting design and manufacturing experience, each optical sorter in the Bühler portfolio demonstrates a total commitment to innovation, intelligent design, comprehensive testing, advanced components and superior manufacturing.


Optical Sorters fed on innovation.
Bühler’s innovative product portfolio comprises of intelligent optical sorters, which detect and remove defective product and foreign material in food products and other commodities.


State-of-the art technology
Bühler’s optical sorting machines are packed with the latest innovations in optical sorting for unrivalled design, performance and usability.


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Bühler and Sortex

Pioneering intelligent optical sorting technology since 1947, Bühler Sortex is one of the world’s most trusted brands in optical sorting and is recognised for technical excellence, product innovation and engineering leadership. With a worldwide optical sorter install base of over 25,000 machines, built from our factories in London, China and Brazil, Bühler Sortex delivers customer-focused solutions for even the most challenging of optical sorting applications.

Bühler and Sanmak

Sanmak SA was acquired by Bühler Group in 2010. Since 1980, Sanmak has designed and manufactured optical sorting machines and has become the leader in the Brazilian grain sorting market. The addition of Sanmak to the Bühler Optical Sorting family provides new technologies and sorting solutions to satisfy the needs of the wide variety of applications in Brazil and South America. Today Bühler operates from a 3000 square metres facility in Blumenau, southern Brazil.