Lithium-ion batteries

Bühler provides innovative solutions for crucial process steps in the production of lithium-ion battery cells. The revolutionary electrode slurry manufacturing process using extrusion technology offers significantly lower costs for large-scale production. Wet grinding processes for active materials
Correct preparation of the electrode active materials is the basis for high-performance lithium-ion batteries. With outstanding wet grinding equipment and extensive expertise in nanoparticle processing, Bühler enhances the conversion of these materials. The Cenomic™ full-volume bead mill and the MicroMedia™ high-performance bead mill are both characterized by high energy efficiency, ease of use, robustness and reliability in continuous operation.

Electrode slurry production
Bühler offers various production technologies for electrode slurries. For small and medium sized production, the batch and quasi-continuous processes including FILMIX are used. For this, Bühler relies on its well-established cooperation with PRIMIX. For larger scales, Bühler has developed a fully continuous mixing process based on proven extrusion technology.
Small to medium scale electrode slurry production


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