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Carat upgrades create even more value for quality parts producers

Uzwil, 03/26/2018 After more than ten years on the market, a new version of the Carat series is now available. Read more

SmartVac now available across the entire Bühler range

Uzwil, 03/23/2018 The SmartVac vacuum system has proved so successful in improving casting quality for Carat machines, that 2018 sees its introduction for Evolution and Ecoline S Series systems. Read more

Smart Pump Management boosts productivity

Uzwil, 03/22/2018 The new Smart Pump Management on our Carat machines uses proportional valve technology to increase the lifetime of the hydraulic system and deliver higher uptime with lower maintenance costs. Read more

Bühler: Productivity for the Die Casting Industry

Uzwil, 01/11/2018 The Euroguss trade show will take place for the 12th time in Nuremberg from January 16 – 18, 2018. The pan-European event is focused on die casting of aluminum, magnesium and zinc. Bühler will be presenting products and services focused on increasing the productivity of customers today and tomorrow. Read more

Opening of Bühler China Die Casting Technology Center

11/17/2017 In October the major customers from Bühler China Die Casting gathered to celebrate the opening of the Die Casting Technology Center. At 10:18, the 1400-ton Bühler Carat die casting machine was officially put into use. Read more

The Cell of the future: Zero scrap. 24/7 operation. Cycle time reduced 40%.

Uzwil, 10/23/2017 At Bühler Die Casting, we are always working towards a better, more efficient and profitable future for our customers.

Our aim is to create an integrated die casting solution leading to a drastic reduction in the production cost of a die casting part by delivering zero scrap, providing 24-hour continuous production and reducing cycle time by 40%.

That will allow you to produce more, for less, faster and easier.

By 2040, we imagine our die casting solutions will be part of your Smart Factory, delivering more cost-effective castings with an OEE that outperforms other process technologies.

How will we achieve that? This is our vision for the Cell of the future.

Read more

Tapping into the market potential for structural components

Uzwil, 10/23/2017 Structural components in the automotive industry are a growing market segment. At Bühler, we are constantly working to drive down costs for die casting aluminum structural components in order to compete with traditional steel and aluminum sheet metal manufacture. Read more

Oil Cleaning System to enhance plant productivity

Uzwil, 10/23/2017 Particularly suitable for die casting applications with high volume flows, the new Oil Cleaning System from Bühler can reduce hydraulic system breakdowns by up to 60%. Read more

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