Bühler Insect Technology Solutions

Joint venture for insect processing.

Bühler – the leading solution provider for the food and feed industry – and Protix – the leading insect production company – have founded Bühler Insect Technology Solutions. This joint venture will provide scalable, industrial solutions for the rearing and processing of insects to customers and insect producers worldwide.

Protix: a technology pioneer
Protix was founded 2009 in the Netherlands. In just a few years, thanks to its dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, the company developed proprietary equipment and solutions gaining extensive operational expertise not only in the breeding and rearing cycle, but also in separating and extracting proteins and lipids from insects. In its industrial-scale demo plant in the Netherlands the company produces large volumes of insect-based ingredients. The company was recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2015.

Scalable, industrial processing solutions from Bühler
Now Protix is ready to take the company to the next level and needs a partner who understands the requirements of large, industrial processors. This is where Bühler steps in: The Switzerland-based technology and solution provider looks back on more than 150 years of experience in developing scalable, cost effective, hygienic plants and processes for food and feed products. Bühler is also the recognized technology leader in milling, which is one of the key process steps for extracting protein from insects. Additionally, Bühler supports customers through its global service network.

Bühler Insect Technology Solutions will have a global focus with a emphasis on Asia. The goal of the joint venture is to provide industrial and scalable solutions for feedstock processing, larvae rearing and larvae processing, and to produce high-quality insect ingredients – covering the whole value chain from rearing to separation and extraction of proteins and lipids.

Initially, the focus will be on larvae of the Black Soldier Fly, nicknamed the “Queen of waste transformation” for its impressive ability to transform organic waste products into high-quality protein. Insect proteins hold great potential in markets like aquaculture as well as feed and food: By 2050, insects could account for 15% of global protein production.
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Kees Aarts, Founder and CEO PROTIX & Andreas Aepli, CEO Bühler Insect Technology Solutions

Andreas Aepli - CEO Bühler Insect Technology Solutions

Andreas Aepli - CEO Bühler Insect Technology Solutions

Video: Kees Aarts, CEO & Founder PROTIX

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Video: Andreas Aepli, CEO Bühler Insect Technology Solutions

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